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Our tours

City tour

Discover our city by bike through the most popular places in the old town and downtown! Take a look of beautiful town hall, castle and some other important monuments. Learn about history and culture as well.

Price: 200 PLN

Lake tour

On this tour you will see the most popular lakes in our city. You will cycle around the entire lake and explore scenic landscapes. Be impressed by an unforgettable and fascinating surroundings! See you soon!

Price: 180 PLN

Forest tour

During this kind of tour you will see some scenic views of our forests. This is a best chance to be close to nature. Our route is not far away from the old town and is equipped with numerous trails for every level of bikers.

Price: 150 PLN

Countryside tour

This is the best way to explore our landscapes out of the city. There you’ll be able to enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings and immerse yourself in the old way of life. Spend some relaxing time outside the town!

Price: 150 PLN

Children bike tour

Would you like to organize some fun and adventure for your children? This bike tour is perfect for them! Our instructor will show the most interesting places and attractions in the city to see by bike. We provide an exciting journey for kids of all ages.

Price: 120 PLN

Private tour

Are you looking for an unique private tour on two wheels? We can arrange it for you and your group of friends or family. Private bike tour can be for either small or large groups. You can give us your area preferences.

Price: 250 PLN